Berlin on a Layover

Oh my, the pleasure of a layover in a city which we’ve never been!

Pastries and coffee were the first things we focused on to jump start our day. I immediately reminisced of a past trip to Heidelberg, Germany, and the glorious pastries we ate every morning before touring the countryside. It wasn’t long before we found them again with delicious coffee that perfectly complemented them!

With only 12 hours to spare before our next flight to London, we decided the “Hop-On, Hop Off” bus tour was the most efficient way to experience Berlin’s rich history.  Please take a look at the pictures to relive our day… you will quickly notice the historic and the modern, the old and the new.

The verdict… if in Germany, find the closest currywurst meal – it was amazing!

With all the “hopping on and hopping off” over the next six hours, the morning pastries and coffee became a fading memory. We had to find some more food and quick!  Everywhere we went, we saw currywurst shops. we weren’t exactly thrilled about eating pork sausage, covered with ketchup and sprinkled curry powder.

However, I recalled a dear girlfriend once told me, it is the most highly acclaimed food and a must try if you’re in Germany! An estimated 800 million of currywurst are eaten in Germany every year. The verdict… if in Germany, find the closest currywurst meal… it was amazing!

Joycelyn Spears


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