I Stand Judged.

I stand judged.
The creature change
Appears a beast of dark range

Come to summon the rearrange
Shedding fur like a wolf with mange

Other moments he comes a savior
Blessing with the clutch of favor

Such seas only the brave navigate well
And survive to tell

For we do not always well know
Whether the creature presents as friend or foe

Courage is the poise to not know
Yet still take a step and go

Monster in the dreams of men
Playing light and dark then back again

Do we phase from wane to full
Living life beholden to its monstrous pull

Or eclipse once in a life
While the onlookers measure if we suffice

Perhaps only the authors get to say
Regardless of what actually ruled the day

In the end I mattered to this silent master
If not why bother to challenge with disaster

I have no answers only solutions
Adjudicated in the field of opinions pollution

Sam K. Rigs

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