A Quiet Magic

A Quiet Magic

How much silence can one hear
Like a hum in an empty ear

I follow a prayer past my lips
It whispers truths taken in sips

Like an undone mind still breathing
Cuts the voice like gums teething

Shhh, quiet walks upon this rapture
Of a moment I couldn’t capture

Chandeliers swing like stars unheard
Hung in the ceiling of skies yet blurred

Like a myth told in words on paper pledges
Timeless, save for the edges

Lasting voices crumbling into dust
We revere the telling like its something just

Where I join in quiet with all the noise
This wonder gleams like brand new toys

Such speaking I still can’t hear
For the utterance has no peer

So I watch the air bend into a shape
Like a gust caught in a cape

Briefly I knew it moved us with purpose
As it moved across our surface

And yet I never did hear a single thing
Rather I felt the pulse of its intrepid ring

A seduction of masterful embrace
Steeling my quiet from a sacred place

Sam K. Rigs

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