Casa Tua King’s Cross – London

My fiancé was busy finishing his MBA on rotation in London and left me alone a few days to wonder around the streets and find the hidden gems.

One such place I happened upon was this Italian wonder called Casa Tua in the King’s Cross area. Only a short walk from Euston Station, and what a magnificent find. Not only was this place nostalgic, but you can find the finest cup of coffee or an excellent Italian dinner all in the same venue.

The views were quaint, the staff was friendly and welcoming… the waitress even went to find coconut milk for me when they had run out. The ambience and coziness of this place was eccentric and delightful.

If you are passing through the King’s Cross area, make sure to walk a few extra steps and enjoy a bit of peacefulness during your stay.

Joycelyn Spears


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