Cho Gao, Marina Walk, Abu Dhabi

First Occasion: This restaurant is one of my favorites in Abu Dhabi. I had the pleasure of an invite to a wine club event from my Texas friend Lisa. The restaurant had only been opened a few days and we were looking forward to the wine club social. You know the funniest thing happened. Upon arrival I met another wine club member, whom Lisa also invited. The manager greeted us, but told us the wine club event was the next evening. Imagine our disappointment so we quickly conspired how we may work this to our advantage. When Lisa arrived and we told her what happened, we laughed about the mistake and decided to make our own wine/cocktail tasking adventure! The manager was more than accommodating, as we didn’t pay for any drinks or appetizers the entire evening.

Second Occasion: My delightful British friend Michelle arranged an enjoyable day with her Mum, as she was visiting from London. Michelle’s husband, Mario came along as well. We spent the afternoon sunning by the pool, then dinner plans reserved for Cho Gao, Marina Walk.

We spent time at the bar with the most amazing mixologist Abu Dhabi has ever known. This was the same mixologist who was there for my first visit to Cho Gao and his name is Von. You won’t ever forget him, if you have the pleasure of having one of his drinks. Von is a supremely talented individual. Each drink is prepared special for you. The skill and talent it takes to make the cocktails is beyond a regular bartender’s job. The exquisite detail and precise measurement, stirs, bitters, smoke, etc. make the perfect cocktail. Take a look at the pictures… Von the Mixologist ask for him if you visit Cho Gao. If you are ever in Abu Dhabi and want the perfect cocktail, make sure to visit Cho Gao, Marina Walk.

The Conclusion: Now wait one minute on both occasions food was ordered and on both occasions the food was mouthwatering goodness. The menu was a nice selection of Pan Asian appetizers and main courses. Review the photos and see what you think might be your favorite. Shrimp prawns? Chicken Skewers? Rock shrimp tempura? Sushi? There are so many more choices… visit their website, bring your appetite, and bring your imagination…You won’t be disappointed.

Joycelyn Spears


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