Portobello Street Market Adventure

Mel, my best friend from my college, was visiting me in London for the weekend and mentioned the Portobello Street Market might be a fun adventure.

I was intrigued as I love a good deal and the possibility of finding little treasures. Mel had been to the market some years before and wanted to go again, so we took the tube and our adventure began. After arriving and not more than quick walk, we began digging for our small treasures. The market is huge, as the locals know, but for tourists you may have to purchase an extra suitcase, (which the market also sells) just to get your items back home!

On our walk around the market we were dying for a cup of coffee so our first stop was a quaint Italian restaurant. The place was colorful and they were preparing for their luncheon buffet. It was hard to leave as the spread looked divine, but we had our hearts set on a little shopping first, then sampling the street food.

You won’t be disappointed.

As we walked down the streets, there were so many vendors selling everything from antiques, vintage clothing, fruits/vegetables, to buttons and old stationary. The shops along the streets offered designer clothing, shoes, furniture, used clothing, scarves, jewelry, and much more. If you are a bargain hunter, this place is your heaven.

Weekends are the best time to visit, give yourself at least a day or two, and arrive early. After all the walking and shopping we worked up an appetite and the street food selection was endless. We split portions so we were able to sample more, however make note that they are not stingy on portion size, so be prepared to pace yourself! Don’t forget to save room for dessert, if you can! After eating more than our share of street food, we found a few treasures and made our way home.

It was quite rainy that day, so we couldn’t take as many photos as we wanted. If in London make your way to the market and remember your umbrella.

You won’t be disappointed.

Joycelyn Spears


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