Rosé Wine Tasting at the Geffrye Museum

Living in Abu Dhabi, unfortunately, we do not have the pleasure of many wine tasting events. In London, there are more opportunities!

Since my fiancé was on his summer rotation in London and we had company coming from Paris, the rosé festival was the perfect place for a gathering of friends and colleagues.

Even though we had a late start, that didn’t keep us from making our way through all of the rosé wines!

Endless choices awaited us, from a selection of rosés, wine spritzers, wine cocktails, and to keep our appetites satiated, several food trucks. Some of us were not big fans of rosé wine before the festival, but as it turned out we were pleasantly surprised by the selections. After numerous tastings and becoming a little tipsy we discovered our favorite rosé, Whispering Angel!

Our favorite food truck was The Cheese Truck. With each bite, the sandwiches were luscious cheese bits of heaven and we couldn’t help but sample every sandwich. The company also has a restaurant called The Cheese Bar and you can catch them at the Camden Market to experience their cheesy goodness all on your own. I would make a plan as soon as possible to visit their establishments and go to cheese heaven. Maybe you can plan to get your favorite luscious cheese sandwich to go along with your favorite rosé wine and have a picnic in the park.

We indulged by going back for more wine and food than we could even possible eat or drink, but you know we finished it.

Joycelyn Spears


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