Nail Choice Mash Up

Have you ever thought about how artificial nails were created? I have a bit of trivia for you… Fred Slack, an American dentist happened to break his own nail at work. To mend his broken nail, he creatively blended materials from his dental supplies to create a temporary nail. This marked the invention of what we know today as acrylic nails.

Not everyone can naturally grow long, luscious strong nails most coveted by women around the world, including me. But thanks to celebs like Rihanna and Madonna everyone can wear artificial nails as short or as long as they want in whatever shape or color they please.

Although salons offered many choices in Abu Dhabi for artificial nails, the end result was time consuming and not perfection. Therefore I’m on a quest to decide which type of artificial nails match my lifestyle.

Ladies, it’s been 9 years since I had acrylic nails, so let’s dig in and find out the best options available!

What I found as I researched the internet:

UV gel — A clear/colored liquid is applied on your natural nails and dried under UV light. The result is a hardened, natural looking, shiny nail. This method is great for women with weak nails who want to strengthen their nails or simply look good.

Acrylic — Sometimes call porcelain, top of the list in regards to strength and durability. Acrylic nails are your best bet for that long-lasting effect. Acrylic nails use a mixture of pigmented powder and liquid, spread over your natural nails, and/or maybe nail tips, with a brush. They need to be air dried, then smoothed and filed to your preferred shape.

Dip powder (SNS) — This requires a sealant on your nail bed first, then your nail tech dips your nail in the powder a few times, then a sealant is applied on top of your nails and you have a shiny finish.

Things to consider when getting artificial nails:

  1. It may cost more than you expected for the application and the up-keep, as nail salons vary on pricing.
  2. It also may be a challenge to use your smartphone or computer with longer nails.
  3. Consistent care, maintenance, and cash are needed to keep your nails looking professional all of the time.
  4. Research your nail company on Yelp for 5-star reviews.


After deciding on acrylic nails I found a great nail salon and the finished product was nice. Then after unexpected travel, I had to find a salon for a fill and the only option were SNS nails.

I’m all in for trying something new, so in the dipping powder my nails go and three weeks later, the nails still look nice. Super excited about the SNS nails. Very pretty and manageable.

Joycelyn Spears


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