Paint and Sip Anyone?

Do you like to paint (or not, haha) and want to do something creative and extremely fun?

If yes then join a paint and sip class, or even organize a paint and sip class in your local community. These classes are therapeutic and can help you relax. They are also a growing trend with girls’ nights out, bridal showers, date nights, or any reason to have a night out by yourself!

Still not sure about drinking while you paint a masterpiece? The paint and sip classes will help bring out the artist in you. Drinking wine makes painting easier. Some places include alcoholic beverages in the price, and some allow you to bring your own. You can find the classes held in bars and pubs (where wine and food may be discounted), in art galleries and other eclectic venues. There are many variations, so make sure to ask what’s included in the price.

The trend began sometime in 2007 and has grown in popularity since. The idea originated on the East Coast but over the years it gained popularity spread across the country. The United States is currently home to almost 1000 paint and sip party companies and it’s growing by the day.

Why women love it?

Although organizers and studies encourage both men and women to take part in paint and sip classes, but women really dig it! Women are spending months painting their masterpieces and sipping their favorite alcoholic beverage and having the most fun ever (maybe even in secret)! Even data shows 70% of participants are women(shocker). Women and Wine!

Some stories recount women irrespective of their age, never had the opportunity to sip an alcoholic beverage without being judged. Remember, no judgment in paint and sip classes.

You can drink, you can paint, you can call a driver. Be responsible.

You may be the next Matisse or Picasso!

Companies and Individuals in charge of paint and sip classes will ensure that you don’t end up overindulging. In fact, you might be so focused on painting, you’ll forget to sip! No need to worry, as you don’t need to be an expert painter to take part in the classes. The only thing you must have is a creative intent. These classes will not be as intense as regular art classes but the classes will help bring out your creative side, which will eventually make you a happier person, right?

Happy painting and sipping everyone!


Joycelyn Spears


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