Posture Perfect

Ladies, would you like to look more confident, live a healthier life, avoid fatigue, and improve your mood?

How about appearing taller, looking slimmer?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then I have some great news for you.

Better posture=Healthier body

Good posture will reduce your risk of injuries and ensure you gain more from your workouts. Think about your activities. Do those activities require you to stand up straight? I have been in Crossfit and yoga classes for a few years, and both of those activities encourage correct posture. In fact, if correct posture isn’t part of the form, injuries could occur.

Good posture habits include having your hips even, distributing your weight over your legs, having your arms at your sides with the elbows even and straight, and ensuring your chin is parallel to the floor, whether sitting or standing. There are many factors that create reasons why our posture may be worse than years ago. Computers, technology use, and workspaces are just a few factors that can impact correct posture.

As I’m writing this article, I’m conscious of my posture while sitting at Starbucks’ table. Excellent posture helps us breathe better, elongates our spine, and even causes our digestion to process more effectively. Furthermore, it becomes even more important as we age because of our bone density and genetic makeup. My Grandmother had a degenerative spine condition which caused her vertebras to crack and therefore cause her back to round.

Poor posture puts undue strain on some parts of the body, and this can bring about a host of health problems.

Some fatigue occurs from sitting or standing the wrong way. With good posture, you may not get as tired and feel more relaxed. Just making a few tweaks in your posture can create positive changes your body. Perfect posture should feel natural, and even enjoyable, once we train our bodies to follow our minds.

  1. Be consciously aware of sitting, standing, and walking in daily activities.
  2. Consistently check yourself in the mirror and remind yourself to stand up straight.
  3. Change your seating arrangements so it will have a positive effect on your posture.
  4. Walk with a book on your head without it falling.

For me, just becoming more aware of my body and making sure to bring my shoulders back is a positive move in the right direction.

Here’s to a healthier body by remembering what our mothers always told us.

Joycelyn Spears


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