All You Need to Know About Organic Wine

Who loves wine and wants their wine to be free of chemicals?

After spending a few weeks WOOFing (World Wide Organization of Organic Farming) in the hills north of Santa Barbara, CA., traveling on the dirt roads, seeing pesticides sprayed at night with workers wearing hazmat suits, organic is the choice, not only in wine but in all things!

  • Organic wine uses the principals of organic farming: no herbicides, pesticides or other harsh chemicals used in the cultivation, harvesting, fermentation.
  • Country specifications for organic may vary depending on their wine certifications and the preservatives used or not used during the fermentation process.
  • Research your countries specifications for certifying organic wine and you will be an informed consumer.

Organic wine should be completely free from toxins such as pesticides. It may also be free from sulfites as well as other additives, depending on the country’s certification for organic wine. Does organic wine taste much better than other wines? The jury is still out on that answer, people will always have an opinion, however, organic wine does not have harsh additives or chemical tastes.

Organic wine is available in a variety of choices, and in a variety of countries. The entire process used to make organic wine is much healthier and combines several factors, ensuring the end product is unique and has fabulous aromas. You can purchase organic wine online or at a local merchant. Just do a bit of research before you make your trip to the beverage store. It may be a little more difficult to find, but it will be worth it.

The benefits of organic wine are positive, as it contains resveratrol which can prevent age-related memory loss. Organic wine without sulfur is a healthy option for those allergic to sulfur. There are strict rules that govern the way organic wine is grown, harvested, fermented, and stored. Making the choice to consume organic wine instead of non-organic wine means protecting yourself from consuming harmful chemicals. More benefits of organic wine include the ability to boost the immune system, an improved metabolism, maintaining cardiac health, providing warmth, and regulating body temperature.

Cheers to many glasses of organic wine in our future!


Joycelyn Spears


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