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Fashion trends are evolving and have become infused with social, geographical, and cultural differences. Designers are creating fashion that didn’t exist when we were younger and using technology to do it! Digital design with textiles and other mediums are the trends of the future.

Social media has changed the way we decide what appeals to us and how we shop for many things. It may be a rarity that we visit a brick and mortar store because we simply order what we want from the comfort of our home. That said, it’s still fun to meet up with our girls and shop until we drop! Deep down we know that digging through the racks of clothes and finding the perfect cocktail dress at a 75% discount is so much better than sitting on the sofa and tapping the screen. Right? Of course, that’s my opinion… Honestly, I’m guilty of ordering from Amazon and Instagram too. No shame here. So, with summer just around the corner, I’m anxious to add some fun pieces to my wardrobe any way I can!


Some tips before taking the deep dive-

Budgeting is always a good idea, so you won’t break the bank, or have buyer’s remorse.

Be a smart shopper.

Have a plan.

Execute, even if it’s weekly. Don’t buy on impulse!

Think about 20-30 years from now and what the world will look like in terms of shopping advances.


Joycelyn Spears


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