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Do you masturbate regularly? Do you talk about masturbation to your friends openly? Talking openly about it is key if we want to help dispel the myths about masturbation. Anytime I’m at a table with both women and men, and mention masturbation, all eyes and ears are on alert! It wouldn’t be so taboo if we didn’t want to keep our personal experiences a secret.

Honestly, it’s really healthy thing!

Consistent self-pleasure plays a huge part in maintaining a strong and healthy vagina and it’s also great for us mentally and physically. When we realize that we aren’t masturbating as much as we used to (or not at all), there could be a number of reasons why. That’s when it’s time to have a checkup with your physician/functional medicine doctor. Unfortunately, aging plays a huge role in hormonal health which directly impacts our libido and vaginal health. Read more about my personal journey here.

Three key points to remember:

1. Clitoral and vaginal atrophy is real!
Vaginal atrophy is caused by a decrease in estrogen. The vaginal walls thin, dry, and become inflamed and sex sometimes becomes painful. Clitoral atrophy is the decrease in sensitivity, size, and function of the clitoris over time. It is very real, and it’s caused by a significant drop of testosterone in women during menopause. Regular clitoral and vaginal stimulation, arousal, and orgasms will help to ensure we provide our lady parts (let’s call it our flower) with enough blood flow to keep our tissues healthy. The use of lubes can really help in this situation. There are so many great products available. One of my favorites is Trojan Arousal and Release. It has a nice warming-tingling sensation, makes my orgasms more intense and my fiancé loves the feeling too!

Masturbation keeps our flower happy and healthy.

2. Relaxation is key
As women, we tend to worry and stress. We multi-task and wear many hats and often times put others before ourselves. The constant replaying of scenarios and experiences in our minds, over analyze and over think – is called rumination. Yes, there is actually a term for that! The easiest way to stop ruminating is by distracting ourselves through pleasurable activities. One of those activities could be exploring our flower and de-stressing at the same time! Let’s get into the mood by reading, listening, and/or watching whatever makes us hot and bothered, then our worry will be replaced by pleasure. Think of it like a quick 10-minute coffee break or an hour-long lunch break, whatever turns us on!

3. Self-satisfaction
Whether we are single or in a relationship, most of us may be finished (or maybe not) with random hookups and/or disappointing sex, so the celibacy period can last a long time. Being celibate doesn’t have to mean living without pleasure.

We hold the reins to our satisfaction.

What’s better than exploring how to make ourselves orgasm? HaHa…It’s figuring out how we can have more of the same! Whether we use sex toys or just explore with our fingers, both ways can lead to orgasmic bliss.

Remember, this is about loving the body we have and treating our bodies to orgasmic pleasure to keep our flower blooming.

Joycelyn Spears


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