Hormone Therapy for Positive Sexual Health

Fact: You must exercise your vagina to keep it healthy!

Sex after menopause can be a really positive thing, but if hormones are not in sync it may not be as fun. I’ve been researching and using different types of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies for the last few years. It’s an ongoing exciting journey.

I began BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) a year ago. I went through progesterone 40mg, testosterone cream, DHEA & estrogen vaginal cream, but the recipe didn’t seem to work for me. My sex drive was very low and had been for a few years before, and even with BHRT, it didn’t change. Then a girlfriend turned me on to BioTE pellets.

My first round of BioTE (estrogen and testosterone) pellets were in December 2018. It began with a small but noticeable difference; stronger orgasms. Then three months later, I had the second round of pellets. This was a WOW difference. Before I was not able to become lubricated from foreplay, sex, or even orgasms. My drive to masturbate was nonexistent. Now, that’s all changed! I have a healthy sex drive and I masturbate all the time!

Now, my flower is turned on by self-pleasure, foreplay, and orgasms, and even gets nice and moist! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed masturbation as much as I’ve enjoyed it the last three months. From the time the pellets are first injected, there is a rush of hormones into my body, then my libido peaks about 4-6 weeks, that’s when the hormones begin to level out, then gradually decrease. I’m super tuned into my body and know when it’s time to have another round of pellets injected.

If you are interested in this form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, I urge you to see a BioTE physician. This has changed my sexual life! It has boosted my self-esteem and confidence as a woman too!

This treatment is not for everyone, but it worked for me.

I feel it’s most important to find what works for you, your body, and your lifestyle. The loss of testosterone and estrogen not only play a part in our sexual health but our ability for our bodies to keep healthy as we age.

Visit the website BioTE for more information. Send me a personal message if you want to chat further about my experience, as I would love to share it with you. If you live in the Southern California area, please visit Dr. Brenda Marshall’s website. Her office is in Del Mar, CA and she is an integrative medical practitioner. Her personal journey and expertise are why she is amazing at getting to the root of the issue(s) and making a plan with you for a healthier life.

Joycelyn Spears


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