Sharing Anti-Aging Secrets

Let’s Share Secrets!!!

Have you ever wanted to know secrets that women just don’t want to talk about?

Join Working Women Push Boundaries video below with Zen, Laura, and guest speaker Joycelyn, as they take a deep dive into the secrets of proactive aging.

Proactive Aging

Being proactive is very important especially when our physical and mental well-being is on the line. This session will take a deeper dive into age-related factors we need to be aware of and may not be discussed by our regular medical practitioner. Being knowledgeable about exactly what happens to our bodies as we age is so important. Whether you have reached menopause yet or not, this session will give you important pearls that will enlighten your aging journey.

  1. Menopause and the change that brings about in our lives and the lives of our families.
  2. Hormonal changes in our bodies as we age and options available for us to consider.
  3. Medical screenings and healthy nutrition suggestions.

Don’t be afraid to ‘go there’…sharing information is how we help one another…


Disclaimer: I’m not a medical practitioner. I advise you to seek a medical practitioner to find the right solution for you.


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