Could Vitamin C be the Miracle Vitamin?

It’s a strong antioxidant!

One of the strongest antioxidants available is vitamin C. It comes in many forms and can be used as serums, supplements, packets, etc. It helps to boost our own body’s immune system and may even protect our body from chronic diseases. This is especially good to hear because heart disease is the leading cause of death in women according to Health Harvard Edu., and vitamin C can help reduce our risk.

Our Body and Vitamin C

Our body uses vitamin C to help fight against cancer by protecting and healing. It also deters inflammation caused by free radicals.

Vitamin C levels in diabetics may be lower than non-diabetics. Insulin pushes vitamin C into our cells. Low circulation of vitamin C, combined with low insulin levels may imply that people with diabetes are increasingly susceptible to the effects of free-radical harm. Read more on diabetes and vitamin C here.

Making sure you have enough vitamin C is a proactive effort to help prevent against cataracts. Vitamin C provides cell reinforcement and may help deter the onset of cataracts. A healthy human eye will contain large amounts of concentrated vitamin C. According to a study by Jon Barron, we need to eat our way to healthy eyes, because vitamin C supplements were not found to be effective.

If you are looking to reduce many types of skin discolorations including redness sometimes experienced on the face and neck, vitamin C serum may be just the product to help reduce discolorations and redness. It also helps to protect the skin from sun damage.

A quick tip-mix it with your sunscreen to help with darkening aging spots and heal sunburned skin.

Vitamin C, in high concentrations, has inflammation-reducing characteristics. If you experience puffiness on your face, especially around your eyes, a little vitamin C serum may make it all better.

Weight Loss

Adequate vitamin C in your diet may improve the chances of abdominal weight loss.

Yay! Abdominal weight loss!!!

I am really fascinated by this fact so I want to make sure I am eating all the vitamin C I can!

Where Do You Find Vitamin C in Veggies and Fruit?

You might think this is an easy answer, but there are so many variables. Always shop organic (if possible). Do your best to stick with vegetables, as fruits have sugar. It’s always better to eat your way to your daily amount of vitamin C, but if you can’t, have your supplements available.

Finally, after researching vitamin C, I am taking 2000mg of vitamin C a day, especially since it may help protect against Covid-19. It’s fun to discover so many helpful facts about what simple vitamins can do for our bodies.

Joycelyn Spears


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